Thursday, 26 February 2009

CAclubindia Meet Mumbai’09

On the 18th of Feb '09 we reached Mumbai to organise the meet that was long
awaited. The venue was decided a month before so we just had to make sure
everything was in place and we went ahead to prepare the agenda as well as bring
in a few more new ideas to ensure the meet turns out to be interesting .Deep in
all our hearts we knew that how much ever we try but the success of the meet is
all on the members. Still we did whatever we could do before the meet to make it
In the morning just a few hours before the meet we called up the invited members
to confirm their presence.We were glad to hear"We'll be there" but at the same
time members who couldn't make it, we would be glad to see you next time.
Nervousness couldn't be escaped we all felt like we were going to face open fire
in a battlefield as we received "besties" from our team, friends and family. I
had to fire the first shot.
But before the meet started we personally met almost all the members present in
there. The conversation we had with each and every member made us feel at ease
and provided us the extra confidence to take the open fire 
The meet started with "Introduction of the Team of CAclubindia" followed by
"Journey of CAclubindia". Then we went onto asking the introduction of the
members present with us. This was an interesting session. We had members from
the industry, Practicing CA's, students: the most wanted variety in an
interactive session.
To increase interaction amongst the members we decided upon a game called the
"Game of Intellect" which is very famous at CAclubindia Forum. None of the team
was disqualified instead the members defined few very interesting terms on which
we had quite a fruitful discussion too.
Then we requested three members to come forward and speak on a topic of their
interest. We had Mr. Deepak who spoke on SAP, Mr. Arvind who spoke on Equity
Research and Ms.Renu who spoke on e-filing. The speakers went onto clarify each
queries that came in from the members.
We had an open session to discuss about CAclubindia, its future plans and what
the members would love to see next on their Forum.
This Mumbai Meet'09 also paved way to the Mumbai Chapter. Mr. Prakash Somani was
given the CAclubindia logo badge to officially begin the Mumbai Chapter. Worth
mentioning here is the feedbacks and ideas shared by Prakash, Bhavir, Krunal,
Ankita, Mr.Rajesh, Mr. Arvind and Mr.Deepak.
To feel what we felt and to enjoy the moments missed, have a look at these pics..
Shortly will also upload the video….

Chk all pics here

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