Thursday, 26 February 2009

CAclubindia Meet Mumbai’09

On the 18th of Feb '09 we reached Mumbai to organise the meet that was long
awaited. The venue was decided a month before so we just had to make sure
everything was in place and we went ahead to prepare the agenda as well as bring
in a few more new ideas to ensure the meet turns out to be interesting .Deep in
all our hearts we knew that how much ever we try but the success of the meet is
all on the members. Still we did whatever we could do before the meet to make it
In the morning just a few hours before the meet we called up the invited members
to confirm their presence.We were glad to hear"We'll be there" but at the same
time members who couldn't make it, we would be glad to see you next time.
Nervousness couldn't be escaped we all felt like we were going to face open fire
in a battlefield as we received "besties" from our team, friends and family. I
had to fire the first shot.
But before the meet started we personally met almost all the members present in
there. The conversation we had with each and every member made us feel at ease
and provided us the extra confidence to take the open fire 
The meet started with "Introduction of the Team of CAclubindia" followed by
"Journey of CAclubindia". Then we went onto asking the introduction of the
members present with us. This was an interesting session. We had members from
the industry, Practicing CA's, students: the most wanted variety in an
interactive session.
To increase interaction amongst the members we decided upon a game called the
"Game of Intellect" which is very famous at CAclubindia Forum. None of the team
was disqualified instead the members defined few very interesting terms on which
we had quite a fruitful discussion too.
Then we requested three members to come forward and speak on a topic of their
interest. We had Mr. Deepak who spoke on SAP, Mr. Arvind who spoke on Equity
Research and Ms.Renu who spoke on e-filing. The speakers went onto clarify each
queries that came in from the members.
We had an open session to discuss about CAclubindia, its future plans and what
the members would love to see next on their Forum.
This Mumbai Meet'09 also paved way to the Mumbai Chapter. Mr. Prakash Somani was
given the CAclubindia logo badge to officially begin the Mumbai Chapter. Worth
mentioning here is the feedbacks and ideas shared by Prakash, Bhavir, Krunal,
Ankita, Mr.Rajesh, Mr. Arvind and Mr.Deepak.
To feel what we felt and to enjoy the moments missed, have a look at these pics..
Shortly will also upload the video….

Chk all pics here

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Launch of New

It was a fine Saturday, on my way to the office i was anxious and tensed because Vivek was not there for the launch, i had to handle the launch along with our Technical Team. Since the morning the target was to put the new site online by late evening.
After every half an hour the “changes to make” file was updated and verified, verification of the entire site was going on and by 6:30 P.M. we were ready to launch.
But suddenly something happened, we had ordered cake and pizzas for the celebration and were ready to hit… BUT….
The site was not working after updating it to the latest version… All of us were biting nails :( restless … no appetite left for partying and then… the temperature was rising… everybody was getting blank and confused..
But then the technical team just cooled down themselves by this time it was 8:30 P.M. in the evening.. At 10 P.M. the building guard came up and said he is going to close the shutters and somehow we managed to save ourselves from ” Office Arrest”!!! :)
They started finding out the bugs… and then started uploading the modules one by one… and this took us three hours and we were up with the site by 11:30 P.M.
Still we knew errors were there but we had to leave the office… And so we did but in the midst of all anxities we forgot the cake…
At the threshold of the office door we did cut the cake and hurried homewards..!!!!!!!!!!!!
But only to look into other problems that still were up on the site.. Vivek, me and suraj continued the process of detecting and resolving the errors almost the entire night…
So all you dear members this is how you had a entire new sight in just a night stand!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for appreciating our hard work!!!!!!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

The IM’s Tech Team….”GEEKs” @ Silicon Office!!!!

Saturday afternoon… brought in goodies for our tech team… t-shirts of IM (Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd.) for our tech team…
What more than that… i’ll tell you..!!!!
The whole atmosphere got charged up in our Lab with the excitement…
Excitement of not only the goodies but alsoooooo…… if i can feel the pulse of my tech team right…
the excitement of belongingness to IM…
the excitement of working as a team
and then they went ahead to click snaps and mail the same to Vivek n me…
Vivek got even more excited than them… almost could see his dream fulfilling… His “GEEK” Team @ the Silicon Office…. ;) 
And for me…
I simply missed being there with my “GEEK” Teamand felt so proud of my team… Almost was dying to celebrate every milestone we have crossed till this moment…… :)
Do you also want to feel the excitement of our IM Tech Team?????? Check these out…..!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

CAclubindia Meet’08 @ Delhi!!

After a day’s long work, me and vivek were just sitting down and discussing the future course of action and we felt that this was the right time to meet our members one to one.. The idea of organizing a meet was not new to us.. But it turning into reality, Ooooooo Jesus!!!!!!  the excitement was just overpouring…..we couldn’t stop calling an EGM( Extra-ordinary General Meeting) at the stroke of midnight.
We had a two hour long meeting and we discussed everything of how will the whole process work right from announcing on the site, to sending invitations, the size of the meet, the venue, the designing  of the meet logo, the ppt about the journey of caclubindia, the souvenirs, the scope of work of the technical team in organising the meet and we almost left no stone unturned.
And i was to given the designation - “MEET MANAGER”!!! uuuuuuusssssshhhhh…. felt the heat but kept the cooollll…
August 5,2008
We had lots of discussion with our mentor CA Sampat Jain regarding the same and he also was equally excited about the whole thing… The first idea was to accept applications till the 15th of August but we stopped receiving applications after 12th August itself due to overwhelming response of all the members… Coz since the first day itself we were clear that this has to be a really interactive meet with just bout 20-30 members…
Me and vivek started working on the same and clearing our back logs and looking forward for the meet…
August 18, 2008
The Search for the venue began… From North to South and East to West we went ahead for every single possibility… From “Sarvam” in CP, “Coffee Shop” near R.K. Puram (south Delhi), Pragati Maidan, Lodhi Road….. the list was getting longer and longer…
August 19, 2008
After the last day’s search we were convinced that pragati maidan was the best available location but destiny had some other plans….
“Constitutional Club” came into the scene and we decided to check it out, the LAST ATTEMPT…
woooooopppppiiiieieeeeeeee!!!! we knew this was it.. We had all the talks with the manager the Venue search was over… We with our team had lunch there itself to check out quality of food… Foooddddiiiieee was yummyyy yummyyy…
August 20,2008
We finalised the members list and one by one called all the members, got in touch with the technical team to send members invitations and finalize meet logo for all the banners.
The t-shirts also arrived and we really loved it…
The day just went by…
August 21,2008
Called the members who could not be reached earlier.. Got everything confirmed with the Venue Manager… shopped around for small things we would need for the meet…
August 22,2008
One day before the meet, went to the banner guy to check if everything was right in place.. And the Id cards for our team… and how to forget Vivek’s Iphone !!!!!!
Visited the venue in the evening and we had a dry run… everything was perfect till then… Spirits high.. confidence speaking…
August 23, 2008
12:30 we were at the venue.. arranging banners and speeding up the arrangements there..
From 2:00 members started pouring in… And mine n vivek’s emotions were pouring out…
For the first time we met our members.. Vivek started interacting informally with the members and i could sense the members were glad to see the CEO, young, dynamic and charming..
At 3:00 we started the meet formally.. with my introductory speech and then Vivek’s.. we then went to the members to introduce themselves.. we wanted that before they leave from the venue that day.. they should create a bond within themselves…
For that we then played a game ” Game of the Intellect” and then i could see the bond happening.. everyone in there was so involved.. to witness the involvement in itself was so rejoicing..
And around 4:30 p.m it started raining cats and dogs… but the spirits were up.. as we were settled in an open area…it took around us ten minutes to restart the meet in the restaurant… But amazing was the co-operation of the members.. they were not at all moved by any disruptions…
In the restaurant as we settled one of our member started a number game and everybody just enjoyed it thoroughly…
At 5:00 p.m. we all had snacks and by 5:30 p.m. we started with open hour…
Lots of discussions, feedbacks and new modules were discussed… and around 6:45 p.m. we had to wrap up everything…  we all had a rocking time…
This was what happened in terms of planning and programme..
But lots of things happened which were not planned and were just driven by emotions..
For us we felt so much more attached to our members now…Coz till then we just use to keep tracing them on site…
But that day we met them and the confidence in our product grew…
The urge to serve our members better has become even stronger…
Our technical team also felt rewarded for their work with the appreciation which we received from our members…
At last we felt worth every pain we had taken to keep the site running without any disruptions…
While i’m putting down everything into words i want to add few lines:
” Life is pretty much destined but ever we want to make a difference we’ll just need to think differently”!!!!!
Today in real sense we feel we have made a difference for the CA community and for this we thank our members whole heartedly….

Check all pics here